Marquee Insurance Group

Marquee Insurance Group Review

Marquee Insurance Group (MIG) is one of the industry leaders in trucking insurance, with coverage options in 45+ states. The company’s leaders know the insurance industry inside and out, offering custom insurance options to meet your unique needs.

Who is MIG?

MIG is a specialist insurance company operating out of:

  • Arizona
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

The company was founded in 2014, and its commitment to customer service helped MIG grow into an entity with 3,500+ happy clients and licensing in 45+ states. Truckers working with MIG will access a dedicated team of agents working with owner-operators to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Agents are equipped with the tools and expertise to:

  • Draft flexible insurance plans to meet the needs of all truckers
  • Help address any financing necessary for equipment

MIG maintains offices near some of the largest transport hubs in the United States, such as Athens, Georgia. The unique office locations are no coincidence. The company wants to be close to trucking hubs to keep a pulse on the industry, which is known for changing rapidly.

The ownership team has ties to P&C Insurance, Transportation and Finance industries, allowing them to connect owner-operators with solutions for all of their fleet’s needs.

Experts in risk mitigation, safety and loss prevention, the team at MIG is here to help owners navigate the complexities of the trucking industry.

Additionally, MIG is part of the RHINO family of companies, which owns:

  • MIG
  • OTR Capital
  • PayHawk

Working with MIG opens up the industry’s best services in logistics and payment processing, too.

Why Choose Marquee Insurance?

MIG is a top choice among owner-operators because the company specializes in the trucking industry with:

  • Strategic plan options and coverage
  • 24/7 client portals
  • Low rates
  • Top-tier customer service

One of the main reasons MIG has grown drastically since opening its doors is that they train its team to provide the best customer support in the industry. As industry specialists, agents will offer solutions that other insurers cannot provide.

You’ll also find:

  • Competitive programs
  • Strategic partnerships with 50+ insurance carriers

Any owner-operator that needs insurance will find coverage options that meet their needs at MIG.

MIG Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional trucker’s insurance is available, but on top of commercial auto liability insurance, you’ll also find options for:

On top of the standard insurance options above, you can also choose from additional coverage options, such as:

  • Brokerage insurance
  • Excess umbrella
  • Surety bonds

Marquee Insurance Group’s main insurance options and details on their offerings include:

Commercial Auto Liability

Commercial liability, also known as Primary Auto, is one of the main parts of a trucker’s insurance policy. The policy will offer coverage for:

  • Other drivers
  • Vehicles

If an accident also causes damage to public property, it will be included under this policy. MIG recommends that you opt for higher limits than the $750,000 combined coverage necessary on the state and federal levels.

Higher limits reduce your liability and risks, with most owner-operators opting for $1 million in coverage.

The team at MIG will also provide unique quotes for truckers that have either specialized operations or work in Hazmat.

General Liability Coverage

Your rig isn’t the only thing that’s at risk when you’re on the road. Your business is also liable for damages as are you. If an accident occurs and any of the following happens, general liability will extend to these areas:

  • Bodily injuries
  • Property damage

If anyone is injured or an accident occurs as a result of your operations, services or products, general liability will kick in. The policies offered by MIG will provide:

  • Personal liability
  • Advertising injury liability
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage liabilities
  • Damage to premises rented to you
  • Product/completed operations

The general liability coverage you choose is some of the most important for your operations.

Physical Damage Coverage

MIG’s physical damage coverage will include:

  • Comprehensive
  • Collision

Even if your vehicle is stolen or the vehicle is damaged in an accident, MIG’s coverage will ensure that your truck can get back on the road with as little downtime as possible.

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

Motor truck cargo insurance protects the transporter if there’s an issue with the cargo, such as the cargo being lost or damaged in transit. The professionals at MIG demonstrate their expertise with motor truck cargo insurance by ensuring that you have at least $100,000 in coverage.

However, the team at MIG will customize your coverage because if you’re running a specialized operation, you may need higher coverage to protect against unexpected cargo damage.

MIG can help you save money on insurance and obtain coverage that is flexible to meet all of your trucking needs. Customer service is top-notch, and agents will help you find an insurance option that best fits your business needs.