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Reliance Partners Truck Insurance Programs Review

Reliance Partners Insurance first opened its doors in 2009. The company was founded by people who come from the world of trucking and logistics, so they understand the challenges that carriers and owner-operators face.

The company offers a number of truck insurance programs as well as usage-based insurance solutions for those in the transportation industry.

Reliance Trucking Insurance

Reliance Partners offers several trucking programs for companies of all risk levels, including new ventures, high-risk trucks, owner-operators and more.

Their programs include:


Reliance Partners offers coverage options for owner-operators who are under permanent lease as well as those who are operating under their own authority.

  • Owner-operators operating under a permanent lease: Along with coverage for third-party injuries and property damage, these drivers must also obtain occupational accident and non-trucking liability. Physical damage and trailer interchange coverage may also be purchased.
  • Owner-operators with their own authority: These drivers must obtain Auto Liability coverage with a recommended limit of $1 million. General liability, cargo and physical damage coverages are also recommended.

Reliance can help owner-operators find the best coverage for their needs.

Haz-Mat Trucking

Reliance Partners can help drivers and carriers in this high-risk market find the coverage they need, and they have a special team of staff to help with your insurance needs.

They can assist with finding coverage for those hauling:

  • Chemicals
  • Heating oil
  • Petroleum
  • Propane
  • Crude oil
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Explosives 

High-Risk Truck Insurance

Reliance has access to insurance markets for high-risk trucking operations, including those that are in distress or need specialized, custom insurance solutions.

The company has experience helping clients find solutions for the following types of high-risk operations:

  • Newly-licensed drivers
  • High SMS scores
  • High CSA scores
  • High CAB scores
  • High OOS percentages
  • New ventures
  • High loss frequency
  • High-risk cargo
  • Major shock losses

Reliance can also help clients acquire SR22 insurance.

Moving & Storage

Reliance Partners can help clients in the moving and storage business obtain the vital coverage they need to cover their risks. They can provide access to programs for local, interstate and long-haul moving operations.

New Venture Trucking Companies and Fleet Truck Coverage

Obtaining insurance coverage as a new trucking company can be challenging. Reliance Partners specializes in this type of coverage. They offer several programs that can help new trucking operations and start-ups obtain the vital coverage they need to hit the road running.

The company’s new venture programs include:

  • Safety consulting
  • Broad form cargo
  • High-value cargo
  • Private and for-hire fleets
  • SIR (self-insured retention) programs
  • Profit-sharing policies

Auto Haulers

The transport of automobiles is a risky business and finding the right insurance coverage can be difficult. There are risks while loading and unloading vehicles as well as the risk of theft and damage during transport.

Reliance offers programs tailored to auto hauling operations in the United States.


Reliance is an expert in courier insurance. They understand the unique challenges and risks that this industry faces.

They offer three main types of insurance for couriers:

  • Third Party Fire & Theft, or TPFT: This type of insurance covers liabilities, theft and fire that may affect courier vehicles.
  • Third Part Only, or TPO: The most basic type of coverage required by law. TPO covers third-party liabilities if there’s an accident.
  • Comprehensive Courier Insurance: The highest level of coverage for couriers, which includes liability, fire, theft and the courier’s vehicle.

Reliance Partners can help clients in the courier business find the right level of coverage for their needs.


Intermodal insurance is offered by Reliance Partners by specialists who will evaluate all of the risks involved for your business and provide coverage recommendations.


As one of the nation’s leading insurers of flatbeds, the company tailors its insurance to meet your needs and identify potential gaps in insurance, such as exclusions for holes in tarps and similar coverage.


Reliance Partners has experts in 44 states that will work to find the right coverage for you, including options for:

  • Auto liability
  • Business auto
  • General liability
  • Business owners’ policy
  • Cargo
  • Garage keeps insurance
  • More 

Reefer Truck

Reefer insurance provides coverage for perishables that many insurers do not want to insure. The options from Reliance help protect against breakdowns causing food spoilage. Insurance is tailored to meet customer needs and fill the exclusion gap, which often includes seafood, meat and pharmaceuticals.

Usage Based Programs

Even usage-based program options are available for:

  • Brokers
  • Carriers
  • Shippers

Domestic, international and cross-border freight can all be insured through the program. Loads of up to $10 million can have coverage as needed. Multiple insurance options are available in the usage-based program for less-than-truckload, trailer responsibility and excess auto responsibility.

What Is Usage Based Insurance?

Usage-based insurance is something that separates Reliance Partners Insurance from the competition. Insurance policies have exclusions, and you’ll find a few things not covered:

  • Very high-value loads
  • Items in the exclusion list

If you’re tasked with hauling a government satellite or a rare sports car worth millions of dollars, it may not be covered by a normal insurer. Usage-based insurance is necessary in this case because most cargo limits are $100,000 – leaving you with a huge liability gap.

Through the insurer’s program, carrier pools can include higher limits for goods, making it easier to keep freight moving.

For a long time, smaller carriers and brokerages weren’t able to secure coverage in the way that Reliance is able to offer today. The platform allows loads and their commodity value to be plugged in and quotes are given in minutes. If you need to have coverage for any item in the supply chain, usage-based insurance is a smart choice for any high-value items not covered under standard limits.

Reliance Partners Insurance offers reliable insurance options to truckers and fleets.

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