Drivers Legal Plan

Is Drivers Legal Plan Worth the Price?

As a trucker, you know the risks you face every day you’re out on the road. You know there’s a chance that you might get into an accident during your next haul, or something else could go wrong that leads to a DOT violation.

Carriers are also well aware of these risks, and they face them as well.

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Drivers Legal Plan was designed to benefit both drivers and carriers by providing truck driver legal services.

What is Drivers Legal Plan?

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Drivers Legal Plan is a national law firm with CDL lawyers who focus on protecting the rights of drivers and the interests of trucking companies.

Drivers Legal Plan was first developed in 1991 by executives of trucking companies. With the advent of the CDL, these executives knew that unnecessary traffic convictions were going to affect their safety profiles and driver records.

The goal is simple: to provide drivers with the best legal representation possible, and to make that representation affordable.

Now that CSA is active, it’s more crucial than ever for drivers to fight to keep points off of their CSA SMS scores.

Attorney Jim C. Klepper is chairman of Drivers Legal Plan. He often answered trucking legal questions on Sirius Radio Channel 147.

How Does it Work?

Drivers Legal Plan works similarly to an insurance policy. You pay a fee to become a member, and you have access to a trucking attorney when you need it most. The company focuses on keeping memberships affordable, so both drivers and carriers benefit.

A small fee (less than $5) is deducted from the driver’s payroll or settlement each week. Drivers won’t have to pay a small fortune for this protection, and if they need access to a lawyer, they have it.

Member drivers also pay a fee for defense in cases of accidents or violations. The fee is high enough to encourage drivers to prioritize safety, but not so high that they can’t afford this vital protection.

Driver Legal Plan is the only law firm in the country dedicated entirely to CDL defense. Legal service is provided to every state at no additional charge.

Drivers Legal Plan Options

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Drivers Legal Plan has one comprehensive plan, but they offer a few different ways to pay for their services.

  • Monthly ($13.50)
  • 6-Month Pre-Payment ($80)
  • 1-Year Pre-Payment ($150)

You save money ($1 per month savings) when you pay for one year in advance. Team drivers will require separate plans, but the fees are negligible.

What does the plan provide?

  • 24/7 legal protection
  • Defense of non-injury accidents for $250 (flat fee)
  • Defense of non-moving, moving or DOT violation for $100 (flat fee)
  • Unlimited attorney hours
  • Access to attorneys who specialize in trucking laws and know CDL requirements in every state
  • Free filing of DataQ Challenge for each defended citation
  • Defense for other legal matters, including drug and alcohol violations

Essentially, you pay a small fee (monthly, every six months or every year) to have an attorney on retainer and available 24/7.

How Does Drivers Legal Plan Benefit Drivers and Carriers?

Most Drivers Legal Plan reviews are very positive, with drivers sharing their stories of how the firm’s attorneys came through for them. In many cases, the firm represented the driver when he or she was unable to be there in the courtroom.

With claims of police brutality and intimidation on the rise, even the most diligent and safest of drivers have to protect themselves.

Driver members will enjoy:

  • Having the most affordable plan on the market
  • Direct access to the most experienced CDL defense law firm in the country
  • 24/7 coverage in any vehicle they drive
  • Unlimited attorney hours from start to finish
  • Flat fees for the defense of simple accidents as well as moving, non-moving and DOT violations
  • Free DataQ Challenge filing
  • Coverage of other legal matters at 1/3 the standard legal fees

The firm has defended more than 350,000 cases over the years.

CDL violations will negatively impact your driving record and affect your employability in the future. It’s imperative to protect your clean driving record, and that’s exactly what Drivers Legal Plan can help you do.

Serious CDL violations can include:

  • Following too closely
  • Traveling at 15 MPH or more over the speed limit
  • No CDL in possession
  • Fatal accidents
  • Reckless driving
  • Improper lane change
  • Railroad crossing
  • Texting or using a cell phone while operating a CMV

Personal convictions also count against your CDL. Multiple convictions in a three-year period can result in license suspension.

  • 2 convictions: 60-day suspension
  • 3 convictions: 120-day suspension

If your license is suspended, you can’t drive – which means you can’t earn a living.

Honest mistakes can and do happen to even the safest of drivers. Having access to an attorney who specializes in CDL defense will help protect your driving record and your employability.

It’s a small price to pay for such vital protection. Drivers will hopefully never need to use the service, but if they do, they can find peace of mind in knowing that they have legal representation that can save their jobs and ability to earn a living.

Carrier Benefits

As a carrier, you know that reputation is everything. Now that CSA is live, inspection-generated points will appear on your company’s seven BASICS which make up your CSA SMS score. Drivers Legal Plan can help minimize the effects of violations.

The firm’s flat legal fees and weekly retainer fees discourage drivers from breaking the law, but will also provide your company with the vital legal protection it needs for inevitable violations.

The firm’s staff understand compliance-related state and federal laws. They have saved client companies millions of settlement dollars, and their services help keep insurance costs to a minimum by assisting drivers in maintaining clean driving records.

Drivers Legal Plan also saves carriers time and money on administrative tasks. The firm will track citations, DataQ Challenge statuses, hearings and results so that carriers can focus on more important things.

Ultimately, Drivers Legal Plan helps carriers preserve their reputation and maintain satisfactory CSA SMS and DOT ratings.

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